Second hand book shops

One of the joys of life is entering a second hand bookshop.  I never fail to be impressed by the rows upon rows of splendidly used books.  That musty smell of an old book never fails to floor me.  I really don’t care that the book has been handled hundreds of times.  The fact that someone has read the lines and enjoyed them is enough for me.

It’s great when you find books that are now out of print or books you once owned that you’ve mislaid ie lost!   Joy of joys to come across them again years later.  I once found some old hard backed books about Marilyn Monroe that I’d lost years ago. Also some books about the actress Vivian Leigh, and Elizabeth Taylor.  Most of my books were lost when moving house.  It’s like a death in the family when I lose a book.  I get depressed thinking I’m never going to be able to read them again.

And what about old copies of our favourite classics, Dickens, Shakespeare, Austen, Bronte.  It seems special to me to be able to read them as they were originally printed or at least a few years later.  I’ve got some great little editions of Dickens’ novels that I have in my library.  I like to use books as decoration so I think they look great dotted around the house.  Makes me look intelligent too!

download (1)

Some of my favourite second hand book shops are in Haworth, Yorkshire.  If you ever visit the Bronte parsonage don’t forget to walk down the main street of the village.  This is where you’ll find some great little bookshops, Venables and Bainbridge Books and Hatchard and Daughters.  The fragrance of old, musty books hits you right away.


venables and bainbridge haworth main st december 18 2010 sm

After you’ve strolled around a bookshop what’s better than having a cup of tea and a cream cake, or if you’re in Yorkshire, a pot of tea and a Fat Rascal.


Go on, this half term treat yourself to a second hand book and tea and cake.





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